The UT Southwestern Backbone Center’s multidisciplinary crew treats individuals with all amounts of neck agony, such as “tech neck,” which can happen when people today shell out extended durations of time seeking down at a cellphone. (Photo credit history: Getty Photos)

DALLAS – Feb. 14, 2023 – Know-how can be a agony in the neck, primary to what is recognized as “tech neck,” long-term suffering that final results from extended use of cell telephones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Individuals invest an typical of a lot more than five hours a day on their cell telephones and even much more hours staring at laptops and personal computer screens. The repetitive strain on the bones, nerves, and muscles triggered by seeking down at a gadget can consequence in muscle stiffness, joint inflammation, pinched nerves, arthritis, and even bone spurs or herniated discs.

Dr. Kavita Trivedi is Affiliate Healthcare Director of the Spine Centre at UT Southwestern Clinical Centre.

“Humans are upright creatures, and our bodies are not designed to search down for very long intervals of time, which puts extra force on the cervical backbone,” mentioned Kavita Trivedi, D.O., Affiliate Professor of Physical Drugs and Rehabilitation and Affiliate Health-related Director of the Backbone Center at UT Southwestern Medical Centre. Physical Drugs and Rehabilitation is aspect of UTSW’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute.

The regular grownup head weighs 10-12 pounds, but bending it ahead at a 45-diploma angle – not unusual when searching at a cellphone – improves the volume of power on the neck to practically 50 lbs .. 

“With repetition, that drive can pressure or injure the aspect joints that hook up our vertebrae. When that occurs, the surrounding muscle tissue the natural way tighten up to safeguard nearby nerves, which potential customers to swelling, agony, and knots in your neck – what is typically referred to as tech neck,” Dr. Trivedi stated.

The UTSW Spine Center’s multidisciplinary crew specializes in complete care for individuals with all concentrations of neck soreness, which includes tech neck. Nonsurgical solutions involve medication and actual physical therapy, result in position and steroid injections, nerve blocks, and minimally invasive procedures these types of as radiofrequency ablation. If medical procedures is the very best choice to minimize your discomfort and restore perform, the center’s professional surgeons present the most highly developed approaches.

UT Southwestern is rated 27th in the nation in rehabilitation by U.S. News & Environment Report and the department’s residency program is a single of the 10 premier in the state. UTSW has acquired Substantial Accomplishing recognition from U.S. Information & Earth Report for back surgical procedure (spinal fusion), putting it between the nation’s leading hospitals for this course of action.

“The very good news is that most sufferers with tech neck never require surgery, and we have a huge selection of therapies that can be extremely successful. There’s no require to dwell with suffering if it can be dealt with,” Dr. Trivedi said.

If you never at present have neck pain, just take steps to protect oneself. Keeping your phone at eye level as a lot as doable can assistance lower the strain on your neck and perhaps stop long term difficulties.

“Our phones and tablets are important tools, and there’s no want to give them up,” Dr. Trivedi stated. “The remedy is to discover how to protect against tech neck even though utilizing these units, and if soreness develops, see a professional who can support.”

About UT Southwestern Professional medical Middle

UT Southwestern, one of the nation’s leading tutorial clinical centers, integrates revolutionary biomedical study with remarkable scientific treatment and instruction. The institution’s college has obtained six Nobel Prizes, and includes 24 customers of the Countrywide Academy of Sciences, 18 customers of the National Academy of Medication, and 14 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators. The entire-time faculty of much more than 2,900 is accountable for groundbreaking healthcare innovations and is committed to translating science-pushed analysis immediately to new scientific therapies. UT Southwestern doctors provide care in additional than 80 specialties to additional than 100,000 hospitalized sufferers, a lot more than 360,000 emergency home instances, and oversee just about 4 million outpatient visits a calendar year.


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