услуги бизнес-консалтинга. консультант и бизнесмен, работающий с цифровым планшетом за столом в офисе. корпоративная стратегия

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Intro & Thesis

Being a generalist analyst/investor by nature, I like to look at different sub-industries – Research and Consulting being one of them. In late December 2022, I wrote an article on CRA International (CRAIa week earlierCBZmost recent 10-K filing

HURN stock is #1 on Seeking Alpha's screener

Seeking Alpha’s screener

HURN's IR materials

HURN’s IR materials

Huron's 10-K

Huron’s 10-K

Huron's margins by segment

Author’s calculations, HURN’s 10-K

Seeking Alpha, HURN's Earnings Surprises

Seeking Alpha, HURN’s Earnings Surprises

HURN's IR materials, author's notes

HURN’s IR materials, author’s notes

Data by YCharts

Seeking Alpha, HURN, author's notes

Seeking Alpha, HURN, author’s notes

Author's calculations, Seeking Alpha data

Author’s calculations, Seeking Alpha data

Data by YCharts

HURN compared to its peers

Author’s work, Seeking Alpha data

HURN's Valuation

YCharts, author’s calculations


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