With less than a week to go for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023, the excitement around the iOS 17 is at an all-time high. Leaks have revealed some exciting features that may be coming including Mood Tracker, Lock screen features, and a journaling app. But there are some features that have not been leaked and we are hoping that Apple still includes them because we would love to see them. What are they? Let us take a look.

iOS 17 expected features

But before moving onto our wish list, let us first see what features are expected from this year’s update, as per leaks and rumors. First is the lock screen update. After introducing the always-on display last year, now Apple plans to make it more useful. As per the report, when smartphones are locked and kept in landscape mode, they will show widgets with information, just like a smart display.

Apart from that, other leaked features include a new mood tracking app, a journaling app, a smart display mode, app sideloading (for limited regions) as well as upgrades to existing apps such as the Wallet app, AirPlay, and SharePlay.

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iOS 17 wish list

It needs to be said that we do not know whether Apple is working on any of these features at the moment or not. These are simply the features we would like to see in our iPhones. And we are keeping our fingers crossed in hope.

iPhone users have been asking for a battery widget for a long time that could accurately show the battery level for different devices. For now, users have to enter the Find my app on the Apple device to check this through a visual representation. The inclusion of a feature to check the battery level of all devices on a single screen with a widget on the home screen would be a welcome addition.

Notification mirroring is yet another feature that we would love to see in iOS 17. The feature has been available on Android for a while and it is time Apple gets it too. For now, notification mirroring is available on Apple Watch but that’s not enough. Apple has already allowed for a feature where messages to iPhone can be pushed to iPad or Mac. Similarly, an option so that no matter which Apple device a user is on, they can check all the notifications on all the devices would be very helpful.

Finally, emoji reactions in the Messages app need improvements. Right now, Apple only allows users to pick from a small selection of emojis. This is not the case for either Android, which now allows users to send any emoji as a reaction, or third-party apps like WhatsApp, FaceBook, or Instagram, where the parent company Meta has added the functionality. This makes Apple feel a bit outdated and it is a feature that will improve the user experience.


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