Major tech companies are announcing in-demand roles for 2022.

According to recent data, the information technology industry had over $15 billion in funding in the last fiscal quarter of 2021. With such high investments, many major tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft are hiring new employees to further their innovations. Thus, computer science majors and tech enthusiasts need to know the top positions available in the workforce.

Of course, there are jobs in technology for parents, recent graduates, and former software developers. This way, they can secure an in-demand position and start expanding their skill sets. Read on to learn about major tech companies announcing in-demand roles for 2022.

Mobile App Developer

Major Tech Companies Announce In-Demand Roles For 2022

First, many major tech companies are hiring mobile app developers to join their team. Typically, these professionals develop software for iOS or Android mobile devices. For example, they may develop custom gaming applications, ecommerce platforms, or financial banking apps. In addition, many businesses need mobile developers to build and maintain their applications as well.

Of course, app developers need extensive knowledge of programming languages like Swift, Java, Python, as well as Ruby on Rails. Additionally, they should familiarize themselves with third-party libraries and application programming interfaces (APIs). This way, they have the proper tools and knowledge to write high quality code. Absolutely, tech companies are hiring mobile app developers for the high business demand. 

Cybersecurity Engineer 

Next, many major tech companies are hiring cybersecurity engineers. These professionals often identify threats and vulnerabilities in software systems. For example, many cybersecurity engineers must learn to patch the log4j vulnerability with powerful development tools and programming technologies. Notably, this vulnerability allows malicious attaches to execute code remotely on any targeted computer.

Since log4j is an open source logging library for Java, it’s widely used by businesses and websites around the globe. Fortunately, cybersecurity teams can use JFrog’s Log4j and Log4Shell resource centre to access scanning tools and remediation strategies. In short, many enterprises are hiring cybersecurity engineers as they look to secure their systems. 

Cloud Architect

In addition, a cloud architect is another one of the most in-demand tech positions for hire. This IT professional is responsible for overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy. Typically, this includes cloud adoption plans, application design, and management. Additionally, cloud architects usually handle cloud monitoring as well.

Many companies are seeking cloud architects as they look to solve their business problems. To get hired as a cloud architect, professionals should gain experience with programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Elixir. Many managers also look for employees with excellent leadership skills. In short, a cloud architect is one of the most in-demand positions for hire this year.

Automation Engineer

Moreover, many major tech companies are also hiring automation engineers. Many companies are seeking engineers who can alter workflows to reduce human error.  For example, many businesses in the energy sector need automation engineers to monitor their systems and maintain compliance with international standards. Manufacturing plants, car factories, and food processing facilities are seeking these professionals as well.

Of course, automation professionals are key in the robotics industry to create design specifications and other supporting documents. With such a high need across different sectors, there are currently over 6,000 positions available on the job market. Undoubtedly, automation engineers are one of the top available positions in tech. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

Furthermore, many tech enterprises are hiring artificial intelligence engineers to develop, manage, and oversee organization AI initiatives. To get hired in this role, professionals need a deep knowledge of mathematics and statistics. In addition, they should have strong programming skills in Pythong, R, and Torch languages. Of course, they should also know how to use some top open-source AI and machine learning libraries.

This way, they can create new innovations in their software. For example, many AI engineers create entertainment software features to provide custom-tailor suggestions. They can also build chatbots and virtual assistants to interact with clients. Certainly, AI engineers are one of the top open job roles in tech companies.


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