TCL is offering a more affordable Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra alternative called the TCL Stylus 5G. The new phone aims to compete with the popular Samsung model not just in specs, but also with its stylus technology.

TCL Stylus 5G to Compete with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3

According to the story by Screen Rant, TCL has just launched a brand new budget smartphone. The new smartphone will be the first time that the company has ever manufactured a device with a stylus feature.

As of press time, both the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are considered among the most modern models that use the stylus. These phones, however, can be considered by some as way too expensive resulting in a limited amount of buyers that can afford to purchase them.

Other Stylus-Enabled Cheaper Alternatives

The article notes that the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, however, aren’t the only phones in the market that have a stylus included. Aside from TCL, there are other smartphones that reportedly offer a stylus feature that doesn’t cost as much.

One example given was Motorola’s Moto G line including the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Stylus 5G. Motorola isn’t the only company coming out with more affordable stylus-enabled devices.

TCL Stylus 5G to Come in One Color, Lunar Black

LG is another contender when it comes to having a stylus feature as the company previously released models that enabled this feature under the Stylo name. To add, TCL is finally joining the club as it is gearing up to release the TCL Stylus 5G smartphone.

As noted by Screen Rant, the TCL Stylus 5G is designed to look like a mid-range smartphone that was released this year. The company will make it in only one color, Lunar Black, which will come with a matt finish in order to avoid smudges by fingerprints.

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TCL Stylus 5G Price: $258 on T-Mobile

Unlike Samsung, TCL will not make its buyers purchase the stylus separately and store it in a special case. The company’s phone will have storage space for the stylus within the device which “can easily be removed with a simple press.”

The new phone also includes some new tricks like allowing users to write a quick note without having to unlock the device. TCL will also be including a note-taking app by Nebo in order to allow handwriting-to-text conversations but as noted by GSM Arena, those that want this feature might have to pay extra.

TCL will also be enabling a feature that will allow users to store e-signatures on the phone with the stylus being used as a magnifier. As per The Verge, the phones are already available for $258 on T-Mobile.

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