A Windsor-based tech company has launched a new web platform intended to revolutionize the way Canadians find work and get hired.

Picsume officials said that the goal is to change the way people enter the workforce and eliminate the antiquated process of resume building by creating a dynamic work profile which contains only relevant, pertinent and verified information.

“We plan on being the standard how all Canadians enter the workforce in the future,” said Jordan Goure, president and CEO of Picsume, who noted specific focus for hourly, freelance and new workers.

“The resume is dead. Picsume is the future. And in essence, it’s verified validated data that employers can access anytime.”

According to Goure, there is a disconnect in the workforce where it seems everyone is hiring but nobody can find work. He explained that Picsume’s proprietary technology extracts current job postings to its platform, pairing candidates directly with employers through curated opportunities across Canada.

“Companies can build profiles and post their jobs,” Goure explained. “We have AI assisted tech that we’ve proprietary set up where it will help you build your job if you’re a small company and you’ve never built on a job board. But we also have tech that pulls in every existing opportunity and brings those directly to our candidates today. So if you built a Picsume today, we have almost 8,000 opportunities just in our region that you can apply to right now.”

“Having been in the staffing and recruitment industry for 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand the evolution of hiring” said Meighen Nehme, president and CEO, The Job Shoppe and co-Founder of Picsume.

“Candidates are increasingly looking for opportunities that allow them to learn multiple skills, work flexible hours and gain experience in a variety of industries. Picsume is changing how candidates present themselves as part of the workforce, and how employers interact with them.”

The new start-up was recently awarded two government grants — NRC IRAP, which assists Canadian SMB’s with technological innovation; as well as i.d.e.a. Fund, a program that fosters and supports a more sustainable green economy in southern Ontario.

“If somebody’s looking for maybe a part time job, they’re not necessarily going to find that and I think this platform seems like a great fit for it,” said Tashlyn Teskey, manager of research projects with Workforce Windsor-Essex.”

Teskey told CTV News it’s an exciting opportunity to see the application process evolve for job seekers and employers.

“Everyone’s always kind of looking for what’s the new thing, how do we solve the skill shortage and I think having a platform like this that’s really going to serve those that are maybe looking to take their first step into the workforce, maybe are looking for more of a flexible opportunity, this is really going to be a source of information for them and be a really good platform to get their feet wet.”

Teskey suggested more people are looking for flexibility and low pressure jobs after the pandemic saying this is a chance for people to see what career opportunities are available.

“I think being able to write on your profile, say ‘this is how much wage I’m expecting. This is my availability’ and then matching from there is going to help a lot of people not have to do that after they get hired. Not have to do that after the interview,” Teskey said. “And I think a lot of people are looking for more flexibility, maybe low pressure work after the pandemic and this is really going to give them a chance to switch it up and see what fits for them.”

“I will definitely be using this for my students in September,” exclaimed Windsor high school guidance counsellor Danielle Parent. “One of the biggest challenges is we are always recreating resumes. We are always working with them looking at the newest platforms that are existing and they’ve always been old school.”

Parent said, “To have something that’s interactive, especially when they say that they’re going to be posting co-op opportunities, volunteer opportunities. I also run events on a personal level and finding volunteers is absolutely crazy and impossible sometimes. I’m just excited to see how it’ll work because with the age group and demographic that I work with, we’re looking for entry level jobs.”

Meanwhile, Picsume is getting prepared for its official launch, heading to Toronto for the Collision Conference next week.

“The selection of Picsume by the Collision team for the ALPHA Program not only highlights their remarkable potential but also provides them with a gateway to influential individuals and organizations worldwide,” said Yvonne Pilon, president and CEO, WEtech Alliance.  


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